Maura Magazine | Issues

Issue 26: Trophy

-Thursday, June 27, 2013-
Dark Places by Jeremy D. Larson
Final Count by Spencer Lund
Trophy by Maura Johnston

Issue 25: Silver

-Thursday, June 20, 2013-
Silver by Maura Johnston
Firetrucks by Chiwan Choi
To The Dogs by Chris Randle
Mutant Limes by Kevin Fanning
I Spy by Mairead Case

Issue 24: Jukebox

-Thursday, June 13, 2013-
Friday Night Flights by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Over Mulholland by Maggie Bandur
Jukebox by Maura Johnston
Mac On Mars by Dana Rossi
Under the Boardwalk by Manjula Martin
Raptured by Zachary Lipez

Issue 23: Watch

-Thursday, June 6, 2013-
Watch by Maura Johnston
Taking Time by Tobias Carroll
The Real by Patrick St. Michel

Issue 22: Flock

-Thursday, May 30, 2013-
Nickelback In Suspenders by Travis Yablon
Flock by Maura Johnston
The Temple by Jaya Saxena
There She Goes by Maura Johnston

Issue 21: Sinker

-Thursday, May 23, 2013-
Sinker by Maura Johnston
Inheritance by Colin Small
Peter Laughner’s Ghost by Brian Cremins

Issue 20: Line

-Thursday, May 16, 2013-
The Fish List by Helen Schreiner
Capital L by Maura Johnston
Line by Maura Johnston

Issue 19: Hook

-Thursday, May 9, 2013-
The Professional by Bryan Armen Graham
Hook by Maura Johnston
Going Underground by Allie Conti
Home Movie by Lindsay Zoladz

Issue 18: Tilt

-Thursday, May 2, 2013-
Cascades by Maura Johnston
Tilt by Maura Johnston
For Rock And Roll by Michele Catalano
Multiball Bliss by Miles Raymer

Issue 17: Friction

-Thursday, April 25, 2013-
Lost In The Party by Nick Murray
Friction by Maura Johnston
The Perfect Past by Maura Johnston
Brass Bed by Maura Johnston
Come To Life by Brad Nelson

Issue 16: Flight

-Thursday, April 18, 2013-
The Birds of Los Angeles by Karolina Waclawiak
April Listening by Brad Nelson
Seen Your Video by Brent Cox
Flight by Maura Johnston

Issue 15: Spinning

-Thursday, April 11, 2013-
Seven Up by Maura Johnston
Like A Phoenix by Brad Nelson
The Road To “Amygdala” by Michaelangelo Matos
Spinning by Maura Johnston

Issue 14: Get In The Ring

-Thursday, April 4, 2013-
Turn Me On, Dead Man by Mike Edison
In My House by Myles Tanzer
What Is The Hipster? by Maura Johnston
Like You by Maura Johnston
Get In The Ring by Maura Johnston

Issue 13: Thirst

-Thursday, March 28, 2013-
Home Team by Michele Catalano
Memory Fault by Maura Johnston
Thirst by Maura Johnston
Kickstart My Heart by Kevin Fanning
Free Rides by Jessica Furseth

Issue 12: Precipice

-Thursday, March 21, 2013-
So Jumpy by Maura Johnston
The Last Action Heroes by Jeremy Gordon
Precipice by Maura Johnston

Issue 11: Nomenclature

-Thursday, March 14, 2013-
Just A Guy by Daniel Cohen
Nomenclature by Maura Johnston
The Definite Article by Dale W. Eisinger
We Used To Be Friends by Maura Johnston

Issue 10: Ten

-Thursday, March 7, 2013-
Spring, Broken by Tyler Coates
Flaws And All by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Ten by Maura Johnston
Gone Country Again by Nick Murray
How Does It Feel by Maura Johnston

Issue 9: Currents

-Thursday, February 28, 2013-
February Hurts by Maura Johnston
Swimming Pools by Kat Stevens
New Worlds by Michael Tedder
Rest Of The Fests by Jeremy Blachman
Dancing In Heaven by Jonathan Bogart

Issue 8: Screened

-Thursday, February 21, 2013-
Brownies by Jim Ruland
Marathon At The Watercooler by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Through The Glass by Maura Johnston
Meeting People Is Easy by Jillian Mapes

Issue 7: Bittersweet

-Thursday, February 14, 2013-
On Tegan And Sara’s “Heartthrob” by Maura Johnston, Brad Nelson, and Chris Randle
Take A Bow by Chris Molanphy
C.R.E.A.M. by J. Pablo
Sweets For The Something by Maura Johnston

Issue 6: Static

-Thursday, February 7, 2013-
Hang On To The Telephone by Maura Johnston
Red Heels by Mike Barthel
Let’s Hear It by Maura Johnston
Unreal Is Here by Chris Ott
Dead Links by Joel Oliphint

Issue 5: Victory

-Thursday, January 31, 2013-
Pulling Time by Maura Johnston
2 Termz by Al Shipley
Football Dub by Andy Beta
Super Super by Maura Johnston

Issue 4: Desire

-Thursday, January 24, 2013-
Want by Maura Johnston
Riding The K-Pop Wave by Chris Randle
Into The Light by Maura Johnston

Issue 3: Consumption

-Thursday, January 17, 2013-
Home Cooking by J. Pablo
Singing Book by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Feed Me by Maura Johnston
What Ted Didn’t Say by Andy Hutchins

Issue 2: Rear View

-Thursday, January 10, 2013-

Issue 1: Darkness

-Thursday, January 3, 2013-
Left Off The Dial by Maura Johnston
Lost In The Machine by Katherine St. Asaph
Like A Hurricane by Michele Catalano
Dusty Binders by Maura Johnston
What’s In A Name by Maura Johnston